Furniture Consignment Tips

Consign your used furniture and get top dollar.

Furniture Consignment Tips - Advice on How to Consign Furniture.

Furniture Consignment Tips

Do you have some furniture that you do not need or do not want anymore. Then read here some tips you should consider prior to consigning your furniture.

When Do You Get Paid for Your Furniture
Make sure to ask your consignment store when you will get paid. Some consignment stores have a slow payment cycle and once your furniture sells you might have to wait for some month to get paid.

What Furniture Does the Consignment Store Sell
What If you want to sell an upscale furniture piece then look for consignment stores that have similar items. Such stores will attract more of the buyers you are looking for.

Furniture Consignment and the Environment
Furniture consignment is environmentally friendly. This way your furniture pieces get recycled and do not end up on the land fill.

Furniture Consignment Markdown Policy
Ask the furniture consignment shop for their markdown policy. How long will your furniture be displayed in the store before the unsold furniture will be repriced with a lower price?

Present Well Your Furniture
Before selling your used furniture clean it and fix it as much as possible. A well-presented piece of furniture will get you a higher price.

Consider Your Furniture Consignment Alternatives
Consider your alternatives before agreeing to consign your furniture with a store. A furniture consignment store will charge you a big percentage. However, your furniture probably gets a better exposure to furniture shoppers, you will not have any strafers coming to your home and you will not have to answer any customer inquiries or deal with any aspect of the sales process.