How to Select a

Furniture Consignment Store

Consign your used furniture and get top dollar.

How to Select a Furniture Consignment Store: Do you want to sell used furniture? Are you looking for local furniture consignment? Then find here advice on how to select a furniture consignment store.

How to Select a Furniture Consignment Store

Prior to deciding what furniture consignment store you will use you should consider the following points that will help you select a furniture consignment store.

Determine What Furniture You Want to Sell
Find all furniture pieces you do not need or do not want anymore.

Get Your Furniture Ready
Doing a bit of fixing up can greatly increase your price. Clean your furniture and make minor repairs.

Research Your Furniture
Look on the internet and in local consignment shops to find out for how much similar items sell. You need to have at least an idea of your furnitures' worth otherwise it will be difficult to determine whether the consignment shop's prices are reasonable.

Find Consignment Stores With Similar Furniture Pieces
Look on the internet and in your neighborhood for possible consignment stores. Good stores should sell similar items that yours. Such stores will attract the buyers you are looking for.

How Will Your Furniture Be Displayed
Find out exactly where your furniture will be displayed. Whether online or offline you do want to get a place where your valuable furniture pieces get a good exposure.

What Kind of Contract Do you Get
Prior to deciding on a furniture consignment store ask for the contract. Find out how your furniture is protected, how long the furniture will be displayed and what will happen in case your furniture does not sell.

Reputation of Furniture Consignment Store
Clearly a store with a good reputation will attract more serious buyers that a store with a bad reputation. Ask around your friends a colleagues and research the net to see what furniture consignment stores enjoy a good reputation.